> Automotive Bags

We'll get your motor running with our selection of automotive parts bags, floor mats, and labels. Heavy metal and molded plastic parts can present all sorts of shipping and handling challenges. Automotive wholesalers, distributors, and customers worldwide and throughout North America rely on GBM as a trusted source for paper bags, sacks, and specialty supplies. Choose from:

  • Heavy-duty and lightweight SOS and pinch bottom bags
  • Stock options - available for immediate shipiment
  • Custom sizes or substrates including kraft paper, linerboard, fiberglass reinforced
  • Grease-resistent bags for greased or oily parts
  • 2-ply options which can hold up to mechanic shop settings, sharp edges, and storage conditions.
  • Custom printing and hot stamping with low minimums
  • Automotive floor mats

GBM makes it easy and affordable to promote your brand and protect your automotive parts.  Call today for a test drive - we'll send a sample so you can give our bags a try and see why more automotive parts dealers, distributors and mechanics choose Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing for their parts packaging needs.

We’re committed to personal service and keeping in touch with you and your needs. Contact us to find out how we can bag up some more auto business for you.

Hardware SOS

Heavy-duty SOS bags for parts, etc.

Parts Bags

Paper bags for hardware and automotive parts storage and sales.

Waxed Bags

Dry wax paper bags manufactured in many sizes.

Automotive Floor and Feet Mats

Paper floor mats manufactured for the automotive industry.