Cement Fiber Bags


These specialty pinch bottom bags have been engineered for use in the concrete industry.They serve as a convenient and effective means to house reinforcement fibers used to prevent shrinkage cracking. Bags are offered in many industry-standard sizes including:

  • 14" x 4" x 30"
  • 10" x 13"
  • 11" x 18"

Custom sizes are available in widths ranging from 3" to 20" and up to 30" in length. These specialty industrial bags can be produced with or without perforation vent holes for easier compression and heat seal closures for convenient and secure sealing. Custom printing up to 3-colors create an effective way to include product specifications, instructions, and branding without additional paperwork. Basis weights used range from 35# to 60#. Form and fill roll stock is also available in a variety of roll widths. Call our industrial packaging experts today for pricing and information.