Bakery, Cookie, Pastry Bags


You're the expert baker - leave the packaging to us! GBM offers a full line of bags for safely and conveniently packaging and serving baked goods like cookies, rolls, pastries, breads, cakes, and nuts. Choose from a variety of stock bags including:

  • Glassine-lined Gourmet bags (ideal for cookies, cakes, candy, and nuts)
  • Grease-resistant SOS bags (widely used for foods containing oil or grease)
  • Waxed bags (dry wax bags keep items fresh and clean)
  • Bakery bags (square-bottom SOS bags in white, natural, and colors)
  • Bread bags (pinch bottom bags available in a wide range of sizes - up to 60" long!)

We offer pinch-bottom or square-bottom bags for use in restaurants and bakeries.