Dry Wax Doggie Bags


Supper clubs and restaurants send customers home with tomorrow's lunch (or a snack for 4-legged friends) packaged safely and securely in these retro, dry waxed paper bags. The wax keeps grease from leaking out and maintains freshness, while paper is an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam to-go containers. Custom sizes are available to meet your needs. 

Word of mouth is a powerful way to promote your business. Printed bags can reinforce that message. Print your logo and promotional information on the bag to remind customers to spread the word. When they take their leftovers to work and people ask "what's that great smell?" - they will have your information at hand. 

Stock Item(s):

Item# Bag Size Paper Design Case Pack/Wt.
077500 4.75" x 3.25" x 12" White Dry Wax "Doggie Bag" 500 / 15#