Large Dura-Bags


If your business needs shipping bags that are tough enough to protect your durable goods but still offer a professional presentation, Dura-Bag mailers from Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing are the perfect choice. These shipping bags are manufactured with two layers of recycled natural kraft paper, reinforced with criss-cross fiberglass strands to provide maximum strength. Available in many popular sizes - with and without gussets - you're sure to find a Dura-Bag that will fit your products. They're also offered with and without a convenient peel-and-seal closure. One-case minimums on plain and custom-printed mailers mean businesses of any size can use these handy shipping envelopes for multiple uses and promoting their brand image. Dura-Bags are perfect for protecting items during storage and shipping things like automotive parts, clothing, planting seeds, videos, DVDs, books and more. Customers who prefer Dura-Bag to other shippers include: online retailers, Ebay and Etsy sellers, video production houses, parts manufacturers, and industrial shippers.