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Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing is proud to deliver food service packaging options for the restaurant, bakery, and concession markets. From a family-run food truck looking for a small order to a multi-location chain restaurant looking to take advantage of volume discounts, we can provide quality plain or printed french fry bags, carryout bags, bread bags, popcorn bags, and more.

We've got the recipe for success when it comes to providing custom printed or hot stamped food packaging from minimums as low as one case up to truckload quantities. Restaurants, bakeries, and distributors serving the foodservice industry prefer GBM for our great service and ability to provide a variety of food packaging options including:

  • In-stock, preprinted concession and bread bags
  • In-stock SOS or lunch bags in an array of vibrant colors
  • Plain and preprinted stock "to-go" carryout bags
  • Custom printed pinch bottom or SOS bags
  • Custom size bread bags, sandwich bags, and more

Contact our packaging specialists to whip up a quote for your next batch of packaging. 

Bakery, Cookie & Pastry Bags

Choose from a variety of stock and custom options.

Bread Bags

Paper bags let your fresh baked bread breathe!

Carry Out Bag

Take it "to go" in style!

Custom Paper Food Service Bags

Many items available with one-case minimums.

Doggie Bags

Handy "to-go" bags for restaurants and food establishments.

Dry Wax Paper Bags

Dry wax paper bags manufactured in many sizes.

French Fry Bags

Small, grease-resistant bags for French fries and other fried foods.

Fried Pie Bags

Small paper bags for fried hand pies.

Glassine Lined Gourmet Bags

Attractive glassine-lined kraft bags in an array of stock colors.

Grease-Resistant Bags/SOS Bags

Preferred by bakies and restaurants.

Hot Dog Bags

Paper bags for hot dogs, corn dogs, and footlongs.

Peanut Bags

Ideal for peanuts, roasted nuts, and other small concession items.

Pickle Bags

Stock and custom bags for pickles and concession items.

Popcorn Bags

Paper popcorn bags in many shapes and sizes.

Paper Sandwich Bag
Sandwich & Deli Bags

Grease-resistant bags for hamburgers, sandwiches, BBQ and more.