> Hospitality & Janitorial Supplies

Hotels, motels and other hospitality-industry customers need a wide variety of janitorial bags and other paper supplies to serve the needs of their clients. From boutique hotels looking for high-end specialty bags for customer treats or a laundry bag for their busines travelers, to hotel chains in search of paper waste can liners or sanitary glass bags GBM has a selection of options to meet your needs. 
Choose from our extensive line of stock janitorial bags, laundry bags and paper products or prefer to have us custom print or hot stamp our products to promote your brand. We offer:
  • Custom janitorial bags
  • Glass and tumbler bags
  • Laundry bags
  • "Look" bags
  • Paper laundry bags with string and button
  • Laundry bags without string and button
  • Sani-Liner® breathable paper trash can liners
  • Silverware bags
  • Sleeping bear bags
  • Bathmats and shower mats
  • Floor mats
  • Toilet seat bands
  • Waste can liners
Please contact us for more information on these and other paper bags manufactured by Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing LLC.
Silverware Bags

Silverware bags are preferred by restaurants nationwide as a classic, clean way to wrap and protect their silverware. Whether you're a quick-serve restaurant or food truck packaging plastic utensils or a chic eatery, these bags will save your staff time spent wrapping utensils and give your customers a unique dining experience. Custom printing promotes your brand - ask about minimums and pricing!