> Construction & Industrial Supplies

On and off the job site, contractors need durable paper bag storage for all types of construction and demolition projects. Our extensive line of heavy-duty construction and demolition bags get the job done in a variety of industrial and construction applications. Wholesalers, distributors, and customers worldwide rely on the GBM team for their industrial-use paper bags, sacks, and specialty supplies.
Bags can be custom printed with your product specifications, instructions for promotional information for convenience and to enhance your marketing message.
We offer a number of stock and custom solutions for:
  • Paper Roofing wrap
  • Paper Cement bags and Perforated Cement Bags
  • Duplex SOS and pinch bottom bags
  • Bags up to 60" in length
  • Blasting, stemming, and tamping bags
  • Single and double-wall paper bags
  • Sleeves, tubes, etc. for many applications
Contact us to see how we can meet your construction and demolition bag needs.
Paper Roll Stock

White and brown kraft paper rolls in a variety of widths and basis weights.

Blasting / Stemming / Tamping Bags

Paper bags used in the blasting and drilling industry.

Cement Fiber Bags

Paper bags manufactured specifically for the concrete industry.

Double Wall Paper Bags

Double wall paper bags ideal for many industrial purposes.

Dry Ice Bags

Double-wall kraft bags for storage and delivery of dry ice.

Heat Sealable Bags

Industrial strength paper bags with heat or cold seal for easy closure.

Paper Sleeves and Tubes

Paper sleeves and tubes in a size to meet your needs.

Parts Bags

Paper bags for hardware and automotive parts storage and sales.

Push Plate and Kick Plate Bags

Protective paper bags for door hardware and other uses.

Roofing Wraps & Labels

Paper wraps & labels for roofing shingles.

Waxed Bags

Dry wax paper bags manufactured in many sizes.