Markets We Serve

Whether it is a diner, family restaurant, or fine dining, Gilchrist Bag has the paper bags and products needed to serve guests. From french fry cones to hamburger and sandwich bags, even doggie and take out bags, our assortment of food service products are available in white, recycled natural, grease resistant, and glassine lined.


Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing carries a wide assortment of food service bags for stadium, theater, fair, and other concessions. Our product line includes french fry bags, hot dog bags, hamburger and sandwich bags, pickle bags, peanut bags, pretzel bags, and sub or hoagie bags. Our bags come with stock print or can be custom printed with your design.

Concession Stand

Our line of merchandise and SOS bags are perfect for prescriptions and other pharmacy items. We specialize in customizing bags for dispensary and drugstores alike.


We manufacture a wide variety of bags for industrial, construction, automotive, and other uses. From can end bags to tamping bags, cement fiber bags to kick plate and auto parts bags, we can create exactly what you need for your industry.

Industrial Can End Bags

Our recycled natural and color merchandise bags are perfect for retail. We offer a wide variety of sizes, from greeting card and magazine to clothing and boutique bags. Every bag can be custom printed with your logo or message.

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