Thank you for your interest in Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing products. We are happy to provide specialized pricing for custom printed, custom size, and high-volume products. Please contact our helpful sales team or email your specifications so we can help you get started with your project!


  • Be sure to give us the dimensions of the bag you are requesting
  • Be sure to tell us the color or type of paper you are requesting
  • If you need a basis weight that is different from our standard, be sure to list it
  • If you have vector art you wish to print onto the bags, attach it to the request
  • If you have a particular budget for the project, be sure to include that as well

Quote FAQs

If you’re looking for custom printing or a custom size bag, minimums start at 10,000 (10m) and can be higher based on bag type and size. Determine the quantity you expect you would use in approximately 1 year. Annual quantities are a good place to start the conversation.

If you’re looking for pricing on standard sizes and paper you can typically expect to see that within 1-2 business days. The more complicated the request, the longer it takes for us to cross our T’s and dot our I’s. We’ll be in touch if we have questions and will work with you to make sure you get the pricing you expect.

Always put the dimensions in a width x gusset x length format to ensure the quote you receive is for the bag you expect to receive. If you’re not sure what size you need, call our team and we can walk you through it.

Remember, standard size bags will be more cost-effective and have shorter turnaround times than custom sizes.

We have many different substrates to choose from (link to page from custom branded page). If you need help selecting the right paper, give us a call at 870-836-6417.

We can print up to 4 spot colors, depending on bag size. The more colors, the more expensive the bag and printing plates will be. Consider your budget when choosing how many colors to print.