Bread Bags

Nothing beats a bite of freshly baked bread – and nothing compares to the disappointment of opening the bag to find that your delicious bread has already gotten moldy. Using paper bags to package your freshly baked bread will help your customers avoid the “moldy bread blues” and keep them coming back for more.

Paper bags are preferred by artisan and specialty bread bakers because paper is porous – allowing the bread to “breathe” while protecting it from external contamination. Plastic bags trap moisture in, causing bread to mold sooner. We manufacture white or natural kraft bread bags in a number of standard sizes ideal for use in bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores. If you don’t see a size that works for your loaf, contact us about a custom size – up to 60″ in length. Let our experts cook up a specialty recipe for your packaging needs. We can make a bread bag so large you can put your kid in there – literally!

Spread the word! Printed bread bags help raise your brand awareness and build your business. Printing your ingredient list and nutritional information directly on the bag lets customers know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase your bread. We can print up to 3-colors on most sizes of bread bags. Let us put our expertise to work so your bread can “rise” above  your competitors.