Sani Liner® Trash Can Bags

Sani-Liner® refuse bags are specially designed paper trash bags created initially for behavioral healthcare facilities seeking an alternative to plastic trashcan liners or to reduce the labor cost of scrubbing trash containers daily. The unbleached, natural kraft paper is porous which allows for ”breathability”- giving it special applications in mental health care facilities, reducing the risk of suffocation fatalities due to plastic trash can liners.

Sani-Liner® trash can liner is constructed of 40# wet strength, water-resistant paper and an adhesive pinch bottom to ensure strength and durability. Sani-Liner® has been medically tested – and found to pose no threat to patient health and safety. It is porous, therefore not waterproof. It is, however, water-resistant and maintains its integrity if damp materials are placed inside. As a compostable option, Sani-Liner® is also a solid option for environmentally-friendly homes and businesses to dispose of trash or compostable materials. Because paper is compostable, these sacks are also ideal for gardening or plants.

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