Silverware Bags

Paper silverware bags have long been preferred by restaurants and cafeterias nationwide as a classic, efficient way to wrap and protect their silverware – but they’re gaining popularity in the “new normal” of Covid-19. As restaurants and food establishments reopen around the country, disposable paper cutlery paper bags can help customers feel more comfortable dining in your restaurant, deli, or cafeteria.

EconoChoice Silverware Bags

  • Bag Size: 2.75” x 10”
  • Paper Color/Spec varies (color, basis weight, etc.)
  • Carton Packed: 2,000 bags/case
  • Minimum Order: 50m (50,000 bags)
  • All sales final. No returns/allowances

Standard Silverware Bags:

  • Bag Size: 2.75” x 10”
  • Available Colors: White, Recycled Natural Kraft
  • Carton Packed: 2,000 bags/case (also available master packed 5/2,000)
  • Custom printing available – Minimum Order 26m (26,000 bags)

Cutlery bags are made with sustainably forested paper and are 100% recyclable – making them not only a hygienic choice but an environmentally responsible option. Let your customers know you care about them – and the environment – because you shouldn’t have to choose. What’s more, when compared to wrapping utensils with napkins and bands, studies have shown that paper silverware bags can reduce utensil wrapping times by almost 50%.That means your staff wastes less time on things that don’t increase your profits or better serve your customers.

Branded silverware bags are a great place to restate your commitment to safety, showcase your promotional information, add a coupon, and reinforce your brand. Ask our helpful staff about printed bags that will create a unique dining experience.