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What is an SOS bag? The definition may vary but the term "SOS bag" means a square lunch-sack or grocery style bag with a flat bottom. The acronym has been said to stand for "Stand on Shelf" or "Self Opening Sack" - either way Gilchrist Bag Manufacturing carries a large selection of high-quality stock square-bottom paper SOS bags for a variety of uses including foodservice and carryout, gifts, party favors, hardware and retail stores, liquor stores, promotional mailings, and more. Our stock products include:

  • Sizes ranging from 1# up to 1/6 Barrel bags
  • Colored bags including white, natural, and an array of vibrant colors
  • Grease-resistant bags ideal for burgers, sandwiches, popcorn, and other food or greasy items
  • Heavy-duty basis weights for nuts, machine parts, and other hardware items
  • Strong grocery-style bags for convenience stores, grocery stores, thrift stores, etc.
  • Lightweight, colorful bags ideal for party favors and gift bags

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Blank Evidence Bags White and Natural Kraft
Evidence Bags

Paper evidence bags

Hardware SOS

Heavy-duty SOS bags for parts, etc.